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Workers Compensation

If you have been injured on the job, or at work, regardless of fault, you likely have a valid workers compensation claim.

A reputable employer will promptly report your injury or accident to their insurance company.  However not all employers are so honorable.  Many try to bully their employees or otherwise discourage them from pursing their valid workers compensation claims.  We have seen some employees even falsify their own accident reports or flatly lie to their doctors or health care providers in the face of pressure from their employers. 

Regardless of fault or liability, if you were injured at work, in the course of your employment, so long as your employer carries workers compensation insurance, you should have a valid workers compensation claim.  Even if you believe it was your own fault, even if you were not the perfect employee, even if you believe you should have known better, you likely still have a valid workers compensation claim and should pursue it to protect your own interests, including medical treatment, wages, and monetary recovery.

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