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Pedestrian Accidents

Every year, thousands of pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents. We represent clients throughout Westchester County, the lower Hudson Valley and all of New York State who have suffered injuries or who are a surviving family member of a pedestrian killed as the result of a reckless or negligent driver.

We are dedicated to protecting pedestrians and bicyclists who are the victims of reckless and negligent drivers of cars, taxicabs, trucks, and other delivery vehicles who fail to stop at stop signs or drive at unsafe speeds. Owners of other vehicles, taxi drivers and delivery vehicle operators routinely ignore traffic lights, fail to obey stop signs, and ignore other traffic controls, often and unfortunately causing accidents that result in personal injuries.  

We will vigorously conduct investigation to obtain witness statements, secure photographs of the accident scene, vehicle debris and where possible, the damaged vehicles themselves. We will obtain the maintenance and driver records of the drivers involved in the crash, and utilize the services of accident reconstruction experts where appropriate who can analyze accident debris, skid marks, and other accident scene evidence. Injuries suffered in pedestrian accidents are often extremely severe and life altering.

We understand that in addition to recovering the maximum amount of compensation for past and future pain and suffering, other immediate goals of our clients are to insure that past and future medical and hospital bills get paid, any lost wages are reimbursed to prevent financial suffering, that loss of employment opportunities or earnings are recognized, and that loss of the ability to perfume activities of daily living is considered in the damages calculation.

We provide dedicated, aggressive, and comprehensive representation to make sure that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation they can. 

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