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$1.5 Million

A 25 year old man was rear ended in an automobile accident. At the time of his accident, he was not working, out on workers' compensation, and had been permanently disabled by his own doctor from returning to work. He sustained an aggravation of his prior back injury, that happened in his prior work-related accident and injuries to his neck. When this case was referred to us by another law firm, there was a $10,000 offer. We worked with the client and his case. Plaintiff ended up having a neck and back surgery. The insurance company came to us asking us to mediate the case while our summary judgment motion on liability was pending before the Court. The defendant chose not to conduct independent medical examinations (IME's) of our client prior to the mediation. After a full day of mediating the case, the defendant indicated that they would settle the case for $1 Million dollars. We rejected their offer and left. A couple of weeks later, we were able to settle the case for $1.5 Million dollars.


Carpenter, male late 20’s, with lumbar discectomy, questionable Labor Law §241(6), rejected by another well- known plaintiff’s attorney, alleged trip & twist (he did not fall), settled at mediation within a year of suit, in Supreme Court, New York County, settled through mediation, plus full waiver of workers comp lien (AIG).  Plaintiff shortly returned to active and physical work as a union carpenter, following his settlement.


Stay at home mom, late 30’s, in Dutchess County, involved in T-bone accident, two arthroscopic surgeries to shoulder, exhausted entire primary policy (State Farm) of $100,000 and settled with SUM carrier (Travelers) for an additional $110,000 (out of available $150,000) within a year of the accident, all pre-suit without Supplemental Underinsured Motorist (SUM) arbitration, case published in VerdictSearch, July 6, 2015.


Man in his 50’s, rear-ended, resulting in neck injury, switched attorneys because he thought his prior attorney was not moving the case quickly enough, had both insurance policies (Nationwide, $25,000 primary and Allstate, SUM $100,000 limits) tender both polices within three (3) months of our representation.


Woman in early 40’s, rear-ended in Dutchess County, sustained mallet finger injury to pinky finger (no fracture, no surgery, no recommendation for surgery), and neck and back complaints with physical therapy, earning only about $2,000 per year prior to accident settled pre-suit with primary carrier, USAA tendering their entire $25,000 policy and her SUM carrier (Utica National) settling for an additional $70,000.


Man in mid 20’s involved in car accident, question of right of way at stop sign, sustained soft tissue injuries, sought physically therapy, and ultimately had shoulder arthroscopy. Case settled pre-suit directly with Travelers within one year of accident. Claimant returned to active, physical work in the restaurant industry following his settlement.


Man in 20’s riding a bicycle involved in accident with parked car as a result of driver opening door abruptly, causing bicyclist to sustain facial scar. Geico initially offered nothing and then only offered $2,500 which was flatly rejected. The claimant said it was “a slap in the face.” We continued to vigorously represent the claimant and finally settled for an amount he was happy with.


Man in early 40’s rear ended, initially believed he sustained only soft tissue injuries and considered not even filing a claim. To protect his rights, he agreed that we would file a claim for him and he filed for no-fault benefits. He subsequently required more extensive medical treatment, which fortunately for him, was covered entirely by no-fault, since he did not have personal health insurance at the time. Both the primary limits of $25,000 and his own available SUM limits were shortly tendered/exhausted  following surgery.


Elderly woman in 80’s rear-ended by truck, sought physical therapy for soft tissue injuries.  She made no initial complaints of back pain but subsequently developed  same  and a CT scan confirmed a tiny fracture in one of her vertebrae.  It was expected the insurance company would claim it was pre-existing and/or degenerative due to her age. The case  settled pre-suit (Philadelphia Insurance).


Man in early 40’s involved in hit and run accident, minimal initial medical treatment, lengthy gap in medical treatment requiring investigation and Examination Under Oath (EUO) by claimant’s insurance  company, Met Life, claimant sought physical therapy for soft tissue neck and back injuries. Met Life took the position that they would defend on threshold Injury and offered no money. After we filed for Uninsured Motorist (UM) arbitration, defense counsel was assigned, the case settled shortly before the scheduled arbitration.

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